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Comedy links on our comedy search engine!
Comedy links on our humor search engine!
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It is very easy to use our Comedy Search Engine, simply type in your keywords (or single keyword) in the above search form (or use the advanced searching page). "All words" will make sure that all of selected words are found in the listing (description, keywords and title) or "Any word" will split your search terms (more than one word) and search each word independently.

The new Comedy Search Engine. We do not yet have million links yet (about 10 thousand popular sites already archived, millionth link submission gets a free prize worth 1,000 bucks, #500000 submission gets a $500 valued prize, #250000 gets $250 reward gifts, #100000 gets $100 gift package) and we need your help so please submit your favorite funny sites that we are missing! Help build the official Comedy Search Engine! If you wanted all web links (not just funny sites), go HERE and browse through the directories.



Humor Search Engine

You Are A Jerk Insult Generator (funny as hell)

Comedy Radio (Howard Stern, prank calls)

Make your own funny images with your funny quotes (send free ecards, free download or buy magnet):
Change the captions in images just like this one!Useless site? Doubt it!

Like WHACKY PACKAGES (remember those weird bubble gum cards as a kid), but you add your own funny quotes and whacked out phrases!

Make customized free ecards to send on special occassions!

Make personalized hilarious image scenes from thousands of funny templates.

Mess around with the letters on labels to make your own silly versions.

Great time killer (hours of fun, maybe even days) with thousands of interactive toys to tinker with, have FUN!

Tonnes of fun to be had, what are you waiting for?Customize the words/phrases/text on graphics like this, personalize the caption!